03/06/12 Randy Head, State Senator for District 18, held a Town Hall Meeting in Argos last Saturday morning.  Head told those gathered of his parents.  His mother was a teacher and his father was the Principal when he was in school.  He explained why he voted against the consolidation of smaller schools last year.  The schools should be considered for the student opportunities offered, not the size.  He explained how House Bill 1376 provides for more funding for full-day kindergarten and covers the state’s teacher pension obligations.

   Head announced that Caterpillar will be opening a plant in Muncie.  This will bring over 400 jobs to Indiana.  This is because of the Right To Work Bill that he voted in favor for.  The Bill simply states that an employee does not have to pay union dues in a union shop.  There are 22 states that have Right To Work laws and the average wage have not decrease.   Head also announced 26 Companies are looking at Indiana as a possible location.

If anyone would like to contact Randy Head they can email SENATOR.HEAD@IGA.IN.GOV or call 1-800-382-9467.