03/05/12 A request to create a committee to look into the possibilities of building an all-inclusive playground in Plymouth was heard at the February Park Board meeting.  Tony Gamble again told Plymouth Park Board members of his vision for the city to have a playground where everyone can play, those who maneuver with the assistance of wheelchairs or walkers, children who can benefit from sensory-stimulating activity, those who are unable to stay in the sunlight for extended periods of time. Gamble wants to create an inclusive play environment that meets the needs of all children in the same place in a variety of ways.

Tony told park board members he would like to create a committee to try and bring an all-inclusive playground to the community.  He noted that the closes park is in Fort Wayne.  Gamble said emotionally, “We visited the park with our son and we had no concerns of him tripping on mulch.  He was able to get on the toys and it brought tears to our eyes seeing him play.”

His goal is to build the playground without tax dollars.  Gamble said there are all kinds of grants out there that the committee could investigate.  He also said it would be a valuable asset to the community.

Board President Dave Morrow commented that resources financially are slim but that an all-inclusive park is in the 5-year plan. He agreed with the creation of a committee and asked Gamble to report back to the park board on their progress.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite asked to be on the committee and said he would be willing to work with Gamble to bring a playground that would not only benefit children with handicaps but parents who cannot push their child on the swings because of limited maneuverability.

The next park board meeting will be Monday, March 5th at 5 p.m. at the Conservation Club House.  The agenda includes approval of the Plymouth Community School Corporations contract and an update by Sara Smith on the Hunter Tennis Complex.