03/02/12 The Plymouth High School Speech and Debate team dominated a tournament held at Elkhart Memorial High School on February 18. Plymouth finished first with 168 over second place Chesterton with 145. Points are awarded for the various placings in the finals of each event.


Leading for Plymouth and getting first place ribbons included:

Jon Howard, Discussion

April Bowen, Drama

Rebecca Brumbaugh and Shelby Pratt, Memorized Duo

Travis Tredway and Gracie Gilbertson, Script Duo

Patrick Felke, International Extemporaneous

Ashton Morrow, Poetry and Declamation

Kelsey Shaffer, United States Extemporaneous.


Other contestants ranking up points for the team included:

Declamation: Pauline Dagass, second; Travis Tredway, fourth; and Ellen Smith, seventh

Original Oratory: Rebecca Brumbaugh, second; Ellen Smith, fifth.

Poetry: Jason Pickell, second; Christie Gorka, fourth; Gracie Gilbertson, third

Prose: Miranda Hacha, third; Pauline Dagass, fourth; Olivia Hilliard, sixth

United States Extemporaneous: Michaila Nate, fourth

Broadcasting, Kristen Gergely, seventh

Discussion: Brantlee Joseph, sixth; Jace Allen, eighth

Drama: Olivia Hilliard, fourth; Jessica Cleveland, sixth

Memorized Duo: Kyle Barry/Jason Pickell, second

Scripted Duo: Olivia Hilliard/Cassie Gaines, sixth; Kalee Lowry /Chase Holzhart, seventh

Humor: Becca Houser, seventh

Impromptu: Michaila Nate, second; Kelsey Shaffer, third

International Extemporaneous: Kylee Rippy, second


Photo: Ranking firsts in their event at the Elkart Memorial Speech Tournament on Febraury 18, (L to R)  April Bowen, Gracie Gilbertson, Travis Tredway, Shelby Pratt, Rebecca Brumbaugh, Kelsey Shaffer, Patrick Felke