03/02/12 Although some people will disagree, Plymouth is growing and the proof is in the 2010 Census.  The population is now 10,033 which required the city to increase its council members from five to seven.

City Attorney Nelson Chipman presented ordinance 2012-2030 for third reading.  The ordinance creates a seven member council with four district seats and three at-large-seats.

Prior to council action, Chipman said, “This is really a historic ordinance.”  He noted, the council make-up will be seven members for here on out unless Plymouth would become a second class city, which is unlikely due to the fact that the population would have to increase to over 35,000.  Re-districting is not allowed during an election year and is done in the second year after the census is taken.

Monday night city council members unanimously passed the ordinance.  The change will take effect in the year 2015 and then the seats would become effective in 2016.

The City of Plymouth is also required to re-district, “tweaking” the districts trying to keep their sizes as nearly equal as possible after each Census.  State statute requires the variation between the highest populated district to the lowest be no more than 10%.  He then read off the numbers: District 1 has 2,461 people, District 2 has 2458, District 3 has 2579 and District 4 is 2535.

Voters will be notified by mail of changes prior to the 2015 elections.