02/27/12 All of the students and staff at Webster Elementary were invited to help celebrate the repeat success of the school. For the second year in a row, Webster Elementary has been named a 4-Star School by the Indiana Department of Education.

The honor is based on ISTEP (Indiana Testing for Educational Progress) scores, student academic growth and attendance rates.

Principal Carrie McGuire said, “Our students wore t-shirts with four stars on them for the staff, students, families and community.” McGuire said, “The difference between our school and others is all of the people involved.”

    The honor is based on data from the 2010-2011 school year. Passing ISTEP scores for last year’s 3rd graders show that 94 percent passed language arts and 92 percent, math. The 4th graders from that school year had a 96 percent passing rate in language arts and 95 percent in math. To be named a 4-Star School, the scores and other criteria had to be among those in the top 25 percentile of schools in the state. McGuire said that 43 percent of the then 3rd graders and 33 percent of the then 4th graders were in the top 10 percent in the state in math.

   Superintendent Daniel Tyree said, “Being named a 4-Star School two years in a row is a feat that the entire community of Plymouth should be proud of. Webster has certainly elevated itself to one of the top elementary schools in the nation.

    He added, “The irony is that any elementary school students within driving distance can apply to attend Webster and receive a full voucher without any strings attached.”

Carol Anders Correspondent