02/27/12 Residents and guests of Miller’s Senior Living Community traveled to Donaldson on Sunday afternoon to attend an art exhibit and open house at Moon Tree Studios.  Moon Tree Studios is a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

The residents had ties to several of the artists whose work was on display at the exhibit.  Bob Wagner, Marcy Eckoff-Wagner and Lynn Fall had various art forms on display and they are all personal friends of residents at Miller’s.  Sr. Nancy Raboin, PHJC also had artwork on display.

     Bob Wagner welcomed the residents as they entered the beautiful, brand new Moon Tree facility.  He spoke about his particular art form and he also explained about the facility.  Sr. Nancy Raboin shared about the connection between spirituality and art.  Everyone enjoyed touring the art facility and the refreshments that were served.

Picture: Artist Bob Wagner explains his art form to guests at moon Tree Studios.  (l-r)  Tom Heet, Juanita Stapan, Chris Emerick, Mary Probst and Lou Carr .

Picture Caption: Lou Carr and Bob Wagner enjoy the creative refreshments…Olive Penguins!