02/24/12  The Plymouth High School FFA Chapter is again participating in the nationwide campaign program called the Chapter Challenge. The Plymouth Chapter participated in this program last year, placing 2nd in the state and winning $1,500.  That money was used to help purchase FFA Jackets, attend State & National FFA Conventions, and compete in various leadership development events.

This year more states were introduced to the Chapter Challenge so the Plymouth FFA Chapter once again is seeking help from the community. To help support the local FFA Chapter, please visit the website at:    www.FFAChapterChallenge.com and “Register and Vote as a Farmer.”  You do not have to be a farmer, own a farm, or be associated with farming.  You will be asked to enter contact information but the National FFA will not contact you. For your produce you can use “other.”  Be sure to vote for “PLYMOUTH HS FFA IN0204”. You can only vote under one email one time so if you have multiple emails, we are asking that you vote using them and spread the word around the area.

After completing the form, be sure to check your email as you will need to click a link to actually get your vote to count.

Plymouth is currently ranked 5th in the state.

1            CLOVERDALE HS FFA IN0016                             267

2            CLINTON PRAIRIE HS FFA IN0085                   256

3            MC CUTCHEON HS FFA IN0121                           201

4            JOHN GLENN HS FFA IN0263                              151

5            PLYMOUTH HS FFA IN0204                                  130

6            DANVILLE HS FFA IN0511                                        96

7            HOOSIER HILLS HS-FFA IN1106                             84

8            CORYDON CENTRAL HS FFA IN0058                    81

9            SOUTH PUTNAM HS FFA IN0313                             81

10        SOUTHMONT JR SR HS FFA IN0119                          77

The Plymouth FFA Thanks you for voting last year and encourages you to vote again this year!!!