02/22/12 Another successful Mardi Gras Celebration has come and gone at Miller’s Senior Living Community in Plymouth.  Residents and staff look forward to the festivity all year long.

Dietary staff prepared a delicious Cajun buffet that was open to the community.  The menu consisted of Mardi Gras Meatballs, Bayou Slaw, Catfish, Blazin’ Red Fish, Greens and Beets, Cheesy Creole Grits, King Cupcakes, Pecan Pralines and Hurricane Punch.

Mardi Gras Jesters Annette and Jennifer were on hand to add to the party atmosphere. They led the staff in a parade through the Oak Hill Café to the tune of “Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home”. They also helped residents and guests with their Mardi Gras Trivia Quiz. Winners of the quiz were:  Cleta Walker, Helen Hollett, Mae Mikesell and Katie Kubley.

The highlight of the evening, as always was the crowning of the 2012 Mardi Gras King and Queen.  After the jesters paraded the crowns throughout the crowd; Marketing Director Anna Corbett announced the King and Queen.  Bill Whitesell was named King and the Queen was Annie Minker.  Campus Administrator Erin Ginter crowned the King and Queen as Corbett led them in their 2012 Coronation Oath.

Seated are 2012 Mardi Gras King and Queen:  Bill Whitesell and Annie Minker. Surrounding the royalty are Jester, Annette Ray; Activity Director, Cindy Flagg;  Marketing Director, Anna Corbett; Resident Service Director, Tracie Sroka; and jester, Jennifer Sullivan.