02/23/12 Eighty-four members of the Teegarden-Tyner Reunion met on Saturday, February 18, at Homer’s Restaurant in Sebring, Florida.

    President Joe Bottorff entertained the group with a humorous and amusing recitation depicting a six year old boy standing before an audience trying to remember what he was supposed to be reciting.  After starting over many times and numerous attempts to complete the recitation, he ran off the stage crying “Mommy, Mommy”.

    The Lorida Lion’s Club had a water pipe burst in their club house.  It caused extensive damage to the building so the Lion’s Club decided to place the building for sale.   Ben Burger was able to salvage a ceiling tile with the “Tyner Friends” name on it.  He brought the tile to the luncheon and displayed it for everyone to see.  The people who attend the reunion want to express their appreciation to the Lorida Lion’s Club for hosting the event the past several years.

   Ben Burger, Vice President, upon learning the Lorida Lion’s Club was not available for the reunion, immediately contacted Homer’s Smorgasbord Restaurant at Sebring.  They had a room available for the Teegarden-Tyner Reunion so Ben immediately reserved the room.  Those attending the reunion were pleased with the change of meeting places so the reunion will be held at Homer’s again on the 3rd Saturday of February; that is February 16, 2013.

      The president asked all the veterans to stand and be recognized.  Other members who were acknowledged were those that worked in the medical field, fire department members and those who were involved in the field of education.  There were a large number of people who represented these vocations.

No nominations for president, vice president and secretary-treasurer were made from the floor.  The officers for 2013 will be Joe Bottorff, president; Ben Burger, vice president;  Arlene Fouts McCan, secretary-treasurer.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

The first picture is Linda Shank Underwood, New Albany, IN and Mavis Shank, Tyner, IN

The second picture is Don Swank, Marlene Bottorff Swank and Sally Lemert Bottorff

The third picture is Bill Weybright and Susan Brubaker Weybright, Venice, FL; Anne Martin O’Blenis is on the right.

The fourth picture is Sue Kay Smith, Bill Smith, Plymouth, IN; and Earl Smith, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

The fifth picture is Bob and Linda Stoneburner, Plymouth, IN; and Linda and Roger Miller, Fishers, IN