02/20/12 Last week Plymouth department heads presented their monthly reports during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox presented his January 2012 activity report.  His staff answered 680 calls for information, conducted 339 security checks, handled 245 complaints and responded to 245 9-1-1 calls.  City officers conducted a 161 traffic stops and 157 investigation in January.  Plymouth Police made 46 criminal arrests, responded to 35 alarms, investigated 31 thefts, issued 26 $2.00 parking tickets, checked on 26 suspicious vehicles, and investigated 24 property damage accidents.  Officers made 21 traffic arrests, handled 20 juvenile complaints last month, used K9 Rex 20 times, served 16 warrants, checked on 15 suspicious persons, and conducted 8 welfare checks. January activities at the Plymouth Police Department included locating 4 open door or windows, investigated 4 battery issues, enacted the merchant protection plan 2 times, responded to 2 trespassing complaints, issued 1 traffic warning and investigated 1 animal bite.

Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker presented his final monthly report to the Board of Public Works and Safety last week.  It was a busy month for the Fire Department.  EMS responded to 182 alarm situations in January.  Paramedics responded to 149 emergency medical service incidents and 15 medical assists.  The Fire Department was dispatched and cancelled en-route 5 times last month; Fire and EMS responded to 3 electrical wiring problems, 2 false alarms, and 2 structure fires.  Other calls in January included 1 each for good intent, vehicle fire, outside rubbish fire, smoke or odor problem, one system malfunction, and one special type of incident.  Firefighters also have 191 hours of training in January including CPR, Childbirth, 12-lead heart monitor, leadership, pump operations and shock.

The summary of calls for the Fire Department in January include 124 in Plymouth, 23 in Center Township, and 23 in West Township, 4 paramedic assists for Walkerton, 3 Paramedic assists each in Starke County and Culver.  There was one call for LaPaz and one paramedic assist for LaPaz.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson updated the Board of Public Works and Safety on the Pine Road Improvement Project.  The preliminary well engineering is well underway, and the test well is completed.

Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds notified the Board that the owner of Comfort Suites contacted him on the procedure to begin construction again.  He said they will need a state permit to proceed but does expect some action in the next 4 to 6 weeks.