2/16/12 This month the Plymouth Park Board approved the 2011 annual report. Superintendent Mike Hite noted the highlight of the year was the naming of the new downtown park to “River Park Square.”  He also talked about the working relationship with the Redevelopment Commission and their hiring of the Troyer Group to create a Master Plan for the new space.  Hite said, “The three stage development of this area is aggressive but we cannot wait to get started and for the results to be seen.”

During 2011 the Park Department hosted several event including the annual Blueberry Festival, the 10th annual Latino Festival with Heart and Hands and the Missoula Children’s Theatre.  Other annual events included the Daddy Daughter Dance, Ag Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Relay-For-Life, Senior Olympics, Santa in the Park, Coca-Cola Family Day and many others.

Faculty rentals for 2011 included the Conservation Club House 48 times, Freyman Shelter 43 times, the Hoosier Old Wheels Shelter 40 times, Roadrunner Shelter 37 times, the Mason’s Shelter and Horse Barn were used 36 times each.  The Lion’s Shelter had 35 uses and the Webster Center had 33 rentals, while the Neidlinger Shelter was rented 29 times, Packard Woods Shelters 26 uses and the Rotary Shelter 23 times. Other facilities being rented by the public included 12 picnic sites, the Amphitheater 8 times, the pool twice and the Horseshoe Pits once.

Looking at leagues and programs using the Plymouth Park facilities: 589 kids participated in Junior League Baseball, 400 in Men’s, Women’s and Youth Softball, 150 in Swim Lessons, 145 tool Tennis Lessons, 58 in Camp Centennial, 17 in Swim Club and 7 in the Horseshoe Club.

The Park Department had estimated income for 2011 at $637,594.00 while the actual income was $635,456.41 a short fall of $2,137.59.  Expenditures in the Park Budget were $622,403.26.  The Non-Reverting estimated income for 2011 was $83,580 while the actual income was $77,904.03 a short fall of $5,675.97.  Expenditures for the Non-Reverting Budget were $72,311.12.

Also included in the Park’s Annual Report was a maintenance report listing projects completed such as the resurfacing of the tennis courts, replaced worn out and outdated parts at the Hoosier Old Wheels Playground,  addressed erosion issues along the Greenway Trail, removed benches at the Amphitheater and planted grass, painted the main office, installed 200 yards of wood ships in the playground areas, landscaped around the digital signs and planted several new trees throughout the park.