02/16/12 By all appearances, the Plymouth Airport is holding strong. Airport Manager David Lattimer told the Aviation Board members on Tuesday night that there is still a waiting list of seven names of those requesting hanger spaces to lease. As he had done at earlier meetings, Lattimer recommended that an additional T-hangar be built.

The Board voted unanimously to establish fees for rental and other services offered for the calendar year 2012. Fees range from $80 per month for Hangars A, C, and D; $450 per month for Hangar B; and $950 per month for Hangar M. Other fees were noted for ramp tie down, transient single engine aircraft hangar of electric engine per-heat; and additional hangar space for de-icing or pre-heating.


Sky Sports, Inc. requested an extension of their lease for another year. The agreement was approved pending review and approval from the City Attorney.

Fuel sales have also remained steady. According to Lattimer, fuel sales in January of 2012 totaled $9,525.76 compared to January of 2011 when the total was $1,986.03. December 2011 showed sales of $9,646.89.

The Board approved the purchase of a new filter for the jet fuel tank. The cost of the filter is $3, 500; however, the Plymouth Aviation Board and the fuel supplier, Philips will be split equally. Board President Tom Flynn explained that an additive to the jet fuel during the winter months can cause the filter to deteriorate. He indicated that however unlikely, the debris from the filter could interfere with the fuel lines of an aircraft.

Lattimer was asked to “shop” for quotes from other suppliers for future needs.

Lattimer reported that there will be a meeting with officials of Culver Military Academy on Saturday to discuss the possibility of a flight training facility for CMA be housed at the Plymouth Airport. Lattimer said Plymouth is one of three sites begin considered.

Bids for crop leasing were opened by Acting City Attorney Sean Surrisi. City Attorney Nelson Chipman was out of town. Surrisi will take over the position starting March 1. Bids were received from Robin Roberts, John Langfelt, and H & H Farms. The bids were taken under advisement as each of the bids contained different stipulations for consideration. Flynn said they would award the bid (s) on or before the next regular meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of March. All three bidders indicated that historically contracts are in order by December of the previous year; however, they realized that this was a new venture for the Board.

Carol Anders Correspondent