02/14/12 Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission held a special meeting last week to select a construction inspector for the South Gateway Project.  During their regular January meeting Request for Proposals were opened from thirteen consulting companies interested in working with the city and the Redevelopment Commission.

A committee comprised of Redevelopment Commission member Dan Tyree, City Engineer Rick Gaul and City Attorney Nelson Chipman reviewed the RFP’s and using the INDOT scoring system rated each Companies proposal.

The results of the scoring showed a tight race with only 5 points between the top company and the next four who were tied.  R.W. Armstrong in South Bend had a score of 190 while second place was a tie between Lawson Fisher and the Troyer Group with 185.  INDOT instructed the committee on how to break the tie.  The committee’s recommendation was for R.W. Armstrong.

The city will begin the negotiation process to get an agreement for the South Gateway Improvement project.  If an agreement can’t be reached the City will be able to begin negotiations with second place Lawson Fisher.