02/13/12 Thirteen year old Alli Dennie of Plymouth visited with residents Thursday evening at Miller’s Senior Living Community.  Dennie talked with the residents about baton twirling and her recent award of being named the Jr. Miss Twirler of Indiana 2012.

Dennie has been twirling since the age of seven when she found her mother’s baton in the closet and asked what it was.  At the age of nine she began taking part in competitions.  She now travels to Geneva, In. for private lessons and she has also taken gymnastics lessons to help enhance her twirling. She will soon be studying in Kalamazoo, Mi. in hopes of advancing to the next level of competition.

Dennie explained the different types of twirling including solo, box, dance, pairs,  two baton and strut; which she finds to be very challenging.  Dennie has performed at Plymouth High School football games where this past season she twirled fire for the first time.  She has also competed at the Indiana State Fair where she won Grand Champion the past two years.  She attended her first national competition in Arkansas last summer.

Dennie said she practices her routines every day.  Her dream and goal is to become Purdue’s Golden Girl when she attends college.  Dennie has a tremendous amount of family support including her great grandmother,  Alma Dennie who resides at Miller’s Senior Living Community.

First Picture Caption: Alli Dennie demonstrates her baton twirling technique.

Second Picture Caption: Alli Dennie and her great grandmother, Alma Dennie.

Third Picture Caption: Alli Dennie shows off some of her many trophies.