02/10/12 Former slave and women’s rights advocate Sojourner Truth was the subject of February’s Lampen Lecture at Ancilla College. The event corresponded with Ancilla’s Black History Month commemoration.

The program consisted of two speakers: Dr. Thomas Buchanan, Professor of History at Ancilla College, and Sister Kathleen Quinn, a volunteer at Sojourner Truth House in Gary, Indiana, and member of the Board of Trustees of Ancilla College.

Dr. Buchanan provided a brief glimpse into the history and culture surrounding Sojourner Truth’s life (1797-1883). He focused on details showing how even in the North, Sojourner lived in a culture largely hostile to African Americans. Buchanan’s description offered more insight into why Sojourner Truth’s life and accomplishments are seen as incredible and inspirational.

Sister Kathleen Quinn shared a portrayal of Sojourner Truth’s early life, escape from slavery, and many years as a public figure. Sr. Kathleen included excerpts from Truth’s own writing and her famous “Ain’t I A Woman” speech. Quinn related Sojourner Truth’s life to the life of Catherine Kasper (1820-1898), who founded the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and lived during the same time as Sojourner Truth. She also discussed how Sojourner Truth was chosen as the namesake for the Sojourner Truth House, a ministry for women and children in Gary, Indiana.

This Lampen Lecture was a free lecture open to the public and was held in Room 231 at Ancilla College.

The series was named for Sr. Joel Lampen, the first president of Ancilla College, who opened the doors of Ancilla to the local community.

The Lampen Lecture Series was designed to combine the universality of the Catholic Church, the international character of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, who sponsor Ancilla College, and the Earth Charter to promote thinking beyond one’s own experiences and interests.

Ancilla College is a Catholic, two-year, co-educational, liberal arts college in Donaldson, Indiana sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.