02/10/12  Focusing on his record of fighting for Hoosier jobs, Joe Donnelly’s campaign for U.S. Senate filed his declaration of candidacy Wednesday, along with 8,670 certified petition signatures from Hoosiers in every corner of Indiana.

“I’m honored to have gathered such a large number of signatures from Hoosiers across the state because it is past time they had a senator focused on what is most important to them: jobs,” said Donnelly.  “I will continue to travel our state from end to end, corner to corner, listening to the hardworking men and women who want their voices heard in the U.S. Senate.  It does not matter who my Republican opponent is come the fall because both candidates hold positions that have and would continue to ship Hoosier jobs overseas.  When faced with an economic climate like ours, the people of Indiana deserve someone who will put their livelihoods first.”

Candidates for U.S. Senate in Indiana must collect the signatures of 500 registered voters in each of the state’s nine congressional districts in order to appear on the primary election ballot in May.  The 2012 deadline for submitting a declaration of candidacy and the requisite number of signatures is Friday, February 10th.