02/10/12  On Wednesday, February 1st, at 7:05pm, Richard L. Maze 67, of Plymouth was booked into the Marshall County Jail when Patrolman Jonathan Bryant conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of 1A Road and Oak Road and found that Mr. Maze was intoxicated. Maze was given a $1000.00 cash bond for the Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated charge. The cash bond was paid on Thursday February 2nd at 3:30am for his release. Mr. Maze is scheduled to appear in Marshall County Superior Court #2 on February 21st at 8:30am.

On Wednesday February 1st, around 7:10pm, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a female witness stating that a male subject was in the parking lot of Dollar General Store, located on Michigan Road in LaPaz was in his parked car masturbating. The witness was able to give a description of the male and the vehicle along with a license plate number. Sergeant Bruce Carter went to the residence and spoke with the 56 year old male, which did admit to the allegations. A report has been filed with the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office.

On Friday February 3rd, at 9:48am Marshall County Police Department responded to the 12000 block of Choctaw Island Trail. Brad Morcombe, the owner of a 1998 Ford, F150 states he parked his truck at the residence of 12268 Choctaw Island Trail, when the truck due east of 12263 Choctaw Island Trail rolled west down a hill while Brad was inside the home at 12268 Choctaw Island Trail. The truck struck the covered entry porch of the adjacent home, damaging the covered porch columns, broke the brick side ledge and pushed it into the home, pushing the exterior wall approximately one foot into the home. No one was in the home at the time the house was damaged.