02/09/12  The Marshall County Alcohol Board handled a number of renewal permits on Tuesday, February 7th.   Board members Vida Creed, Maria Keller, and Katie May, along with State Excise Officer Michelle Traughber granted renewal permits to American Legion of Argos, Inc.; Family Express Corporation, Plymouth; Freedom Oil LLC (Family Express), Bourbon; and Plymouth Rock Golf, Inc., Plymouth.

Although listed on the state website as an item up for renewal, Fraternal Order of Eagles 1900 was continued until further notification by the State Alcohol Tobacco Commission. The matter had been under consideration after a remonstration against their permit renewal had been heard in December of 2011.   After the information was forwarded to the State ABC, it was remanded back to the local board. The case was to have been heard in January; however, due to inclement weather and an accident of one of the board members, the meeting was cancelled since they did not have a quorum.   According to Eagle’s secretary Brandon VanVactor, he received an email on Thursday of last week advising him that the matter was continued.

Mi Camino Real Mexican Restaurant was expected to appear before the Board for a renewable of their permit in December ; however, no one was present. The matter was continued until January.   Since that meeting was cancelled, a representative of the restaurant did appear on Tuesday.  They were granted a one year renewal only after the Board considered testimony that the business is under new management. They had a violation in January of 2011 when allegedly a 19-year-old server served alcohol to a minor. They paid an $800 fine in April. It was noted that there have been no violations for a one year period.

Lisa Emerick VanVactor said she expects to open a new restaurant by May of this year. She advised the board that she had posted a required notice for the proposed Night and Day Café’. According to VanVactor, they will only have a server station for alcohol. Traughber advised VanVactor to notify her office three weeks prior to opening and schedule an inspection. The alcohol permit will be held in escrow until the inspection has been completed and passed. The new café’ will be located across for the LifePlex and will feature family dining.

The Argos Bar and Grill ownership and management is changing and Mark Albright of the establishment is continuing with the needed paperwork. The bar had an alcohol violation in August of 2011. A fine of $500 for the bar was imposed at that time and an additional $50 clerk fine. Albright testified that the clerk is no longer employed; they have posted signage saying everyone entering must have a valid ID; and all servers have taken necessary classes with the exception of one who is scheduled to take a class on Sunday of this week. They were given a one year renewal only.

Bremen Party Pack (JJ &M LLC) did not appear. The renewal was continued until the March meeting. The business had violations in March of 2011 for no employee permit; record of employee permit; and tobacco retail signage. They were also given warnings for permissible commodities violation (selling flashlights) and display of tobacco certificate.