02/09/12 What to do with 21 parcels that are in both the jurisdiction of the City’s 2-mile zoning and the County’s zoning?  Tuesday night members of the Plymouth Plan Commission heard and saw a presentation by County Plan Director, Ralph Booker on the issue.

Booker explained, “We are requesting all of the jurisdictions to move toward the on-line application process for building permits.”  He continued by saying the software found issues where a parcel was split with a portion of it being in both of the two zoning jurisdictions.  Most of the towns have already taken care of the properties in question.  Although, around Plymouth there are 21 properties in the dual jurisdiction that need to have a determination made.

There was some explanation of the on-line application process and how residents would be able to go on-line, select their address, sketch a simple plan and be able to determine if it met the set-back requirements or would need a variance.  Because set-backs standards change in the various zoning districts a property owner must be able to determine which zoning their property is in.  Using the current Beacon software on the County’s GIS you would be able to find the zoning.

There was some discussion between Booker and the City’s Planning Consultant, Bill Neal who determines boundary lines for the 2-mile jurisdiction.  Booker said, “The County Commissioners give the 2-mile zoning jurisdiction to the city.”  Neal says, “State statue gives jurisdiction to the city if they want to zone up to 2 miles from the corporate boundary line.” He continued to comment, “This is using a tank to kill an ant.  I don’t think it’s that necessary to determine territory.  I just think it’s over-kill.”

Plan Commission member Mark Gidley asked what prompted this request and Booker reiterated that the on-line permitting process have to go by parcels and each parcel must have one zoning to it.

Members of the Plymouth Plan Commission unanimously agreed to proceed with a clear definition that if it falls within the city’s 2-mile zone it would be under the city’s zoning jurisdiction but if a portion of the parcel is outside the 2-mile boundary it would need to be under the county.

City Attorney Nelson Chipman clarified by stating, “There is research to be done on the various parcels.”  He explained, “Its contingent that the city has jurisdiction within the 2-mile zone.