02/06/12 Mayor Mark Senter and the City of Plymouth have decided to turn up the heat on some of the dilapidated buildings and houses in the city.   With that Senter said, “I would like to introduce OPERATION BRIGHT SPOT.  We have too many abandoned motels, apartments, gas stations, mobile homes and houses.”

The Mayor explained, Plymouth Building Commissioner / Code Enforcement Officer, Keith Hammonds along with Jerry Fussell of the Marshall County Department of Health will be working side-by-side to evaluate problem areas in the city and take action when needed:

Mayor Senter said, “The abandoned Plymouth Motel is one example of blight on our westside.  It has been a big attraction for vandals and squatters the last several years.”

Other examples he listed were the old Clark Station at East Jefferson and Randolph Streets.  He said, “It is another building that needs to be cleaned up or torn down by the owners.”

Senter said, “I often get questions about the unfinished Comfort Suites on North Michigan.  I assure you that actions have already taken place to get some answers from those involved.”

Other locations the City is looking at include the old Franklin Iron area on Garro Street.  Mayor Mark said, “It’s a blemish on the near westside that only drives down property values on that part of the city.”

Park Jefferson Apartments are another eyesore on West Jefferson that needs to be studied.  There is currently only one building inhabited and conditions throughout the rest of the complex are atrocious, according to the Mayor.

Last week Keith Hammonds, Jerry Fussell and the Mayor visited the City of New Haven east      of Ft. Wayne to take a look at their innovative plans for mobile home park inspections and improvements.  Senter said, “They are working with Allen County Code Enforcement officers as well as the health department to assist in a better living environment for the residents of mobile home parks.”

The Economy Inn,  formerly the Villager and Motel 6 on North Michigan Street north of US 30 is now abandoned and in need of repair for the continuation of business.

Mayor Mark also commented on the many abandoned houses in the city that he feels need to be torn down.

Senter closed by saying, “These are just a few examples of properties that are in need of repair, need to be demolished or require some kind of action.”

He closed by stating, “Working with its citizens and other government entities, the City of Plymouth pledges to make an extra effort to clean-up our city and say good-bye to dilapidated buildings, houses and businesses.” He finished with, “It’s time to take a stand and make Plymouth an even Brighter Spot on the map.”