02/03/12  In 2011, a typical hour of activity at the Recycle Depot involved assisting two callers and attending to seven vehicles with more than 419 lbs. of various materials, approximately 60 lbs. per vehicle.  This total does not include sharps, expired meds, ballasts, pressure vessels, cooking oil and grease. Nor does it include tires.  The Recycle Depot collected an average of more than 1 tire per hour last year, nor the Personal Computers we refurbished and gave away to local families and organizations in need.  They averaged 1 PC just under every 2 days of operation in 2011.

Mike Good, Executive Director of the Marshall County Solid Waste District explained, “Different materials require different methods of processing, while some may simply be collected and stored for later pick-up, others may require special handling and processing or may have to be prepared to be sold directly to mills or to other recycling facilities.”

The following pie chart shows the break-down of materials received, processed, sorted, packed and/or shipped each and every hour of our regular business hours during 2011.

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