02/03/12 Are you the parent of a junior or senior and looking for ways to finance your child’s education beyond high school?   Do you have concerns about how you will help your child pay for their post high school education/training?

Argos Jr.-Sr. High School Guidance Department is eager to help you with this most important step.  Argos Jr.-Sr. High School will host a Financial Aid Information Meeting in the school library on Monday, February 6 beginning at 6:30PM.  This meeting is designed for seniors, juniors and their parents.  Kathy Mills, Director of Financial at Ancilla College, will be the speaker for this timely topic.  Kathy has a deep background in financial aid and is eager to assist Marshall County families regardless of their college destination.

Beginning at 6:30 PM, an overview of the whole financial aid process will be shared.  This information will be valuable for parents and students to ensure that decisions in 2012 are made wisely as the 2012 calendar year will be the financial information that will determine their 2013 financial aid package.  Both junior and senior families are encouraged to attend this first hour.

Approximately at 7:30 PM, seniors and their parents will move to the computer lab to work on filing their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online.  This is a great opportunity to get this done, while having an expert by your side to answer any questions.  This evening is scheduled for February in the hope that finalized tax materials (for both parents and students) can be brought and a final FAFSA can be submitted online.  If your tax materials are not finalized, please bring estimates so that a preliminary FAFSA can be submitted.  A FAFSA (either with preliminary numbers or final numbers) must be submitted by March 1st with final numbers required by May 1st.

Both parents and students are encouraged to attend this meeting if at all possible.  Please contact the Argos Guidance Department if you have any questions and for assistance in obtaining a PIN# prior to the senior computer session at 892-5137 x 319.  Also more information and a FAFSA on the Web Worksheet can be obtained at www.fafsa.ed.gov.