02/02/12  Last week student at Plymouth High School participated I the annual interactive week of Winter Homecoming.  From special dress-up days and hall decorations, the classes held a competition to determine the class with the most spirit.  The culmination of activates included a very spirited pep-rally Friday afternoon where the competition really heats up.  In the end the Senior Class was awarded the coveted spirit stick.

Friday night during the basketball games Homecoming festivities continued with the announcement of the Prince and Princess and the King and Queen.

Underclassmen are nominated for prince and princess.  During half time of the JV game the candidates were announced and included:

Freshman Haley Harrell and Max Holloway

Chase Holzwart with Blake Smith,

Sophomores: Savannah Mae with Ben Piazza

Gracie Gilberston with Elliot Eads and

Juniors: Lauren Tanner with Sam Stevens and

Madison Good with Kurt Corsbie.

Princess was Madison Good and Prince was Ben Piazza.

Seniors are nominated for the Queen and King honors.  They were:

Maggie Morrow and Cole Mann

Cassie Gaines and Jared Hill

Gabbie Ramirez and Matt Lee

Kelly Hoeffler and Jason Pickell and

Molly Henderson and Evan Glaub.

Winter Homecoming Queen was and Cassie Gaines and the King was Jared Hill.