02/02/12 Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spoke to area reporters last Friday about two topics that are in the forefront of change in Indiana.

Recently the state legislators pass a right-to-work bill that would allow employees to choose whether or not they can choose to belong to a contracted union. Those opting out would not have to pay union dues. Daniels said that he believes the “naysayers” will realize their concern was false alarm quickly.

Daniels indicated that some businesses have pulled out of considering the state to start a new business because Indiana has not been a right-to –work state in the past.

He said, “It (bill) is not a magic answer, but it will be a very big plus.” He added, “Evidence just accumulates and accumulates, year after year, that it is a prerequisite for business. It will result in more jobs.”

“I bet union dues don’t go down very much, if at all, “Daniels said. He said there are 22 states that support right-to-work and said Indiana teachers already had the right not to join a union.


Carol Anders Correspondent