11/22/10 The Plymouth School Board held a public hearing on Thursday night concerning a proposed Capital Improvements and a Qualified School Construction Bond (QSCB). 

Following the public hearing, the board voted 4-0 to move forward with the estimated $4,205,000 project.

Board member Melissa Christianson was absent from the meeting.

The hearing was held per Indiana statute. Projects over $1 million or more in construction costs require a public hearing.

Proposed improvements at Plymouth High School are estimated to cost $1, 996,797. The breakdown of components include the following: Roofing, $1,491,008; lighting, $75,000; carpet replacement, $20,000; doors, $20,000; auditorium lighting and rigging, $9,000; HVAC, $104,000; upgrade restrooms, $25,000; repair parking lots, $35,000; architect fees, $92,585; contingency, $72,561; and cost of issuance, $52,643.

It was explained briefly that the cost of issuance concerns financial consultation, bond council, local council, and the bond bank.

Additional estimated costs for improvements included in the overall projects are as follows: Lincoln Junior High, $869,283; Jefferson Elementary, $440,728; Washington Elementary, $198,339; Webster Elementary, $230, 104, and Riverside Intermediate, $469,749. 

Attending the meeting to answer any questions concerning the roofing portions of the project was Doug Copley of Tremco. Copley has consulted with Plymouth Schools Maintenance Director Dave Schoof over the last several months to help identify needed specific roofing replacement sites.

Copley told the board on Thursday night that the roofing system to be applied would last from 15-25 years and could then be recoated to extend the life of the product to some 30 years. According to Copley, it could take up to five months to complete the roofing that is scheduled to being in April of 2011.

Assistant Superintendent Rodger Smith presented a petition with 135 signatures of patrons in favor of the projects. Smith said they only had to have 50 signatures

Superintendent Dan Tyree touched on several topics during the meeting. Tyree said following the high school’s production of Snow White, donations from audience members to United Way totaled $1,500. Tyree said this marked the fourth year that those involved in the plays had collected donations that are earmarked for the American Red Cross.

Tyree also informed the board that four claims that had been filed with the EEOC claiming age discrimination and ADA matters. He said that the Plymouth Schools had prevailed in all four claims and that the EEOC would not be taking any further action.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on December 9 at 7:00 p.m.

Carol Anders Correspondent