Variance Granted for New Sign at Country Auto

October 4, 2011

10/05/11 A variance granted Tuesday night at the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals will allow Country Auto to replace current sign with a new product sign on their property at 2705 North Michigan Street.

City consultant Bill Neal explained the request of Joe Martin to replace one of his pole signs.  He said the sign to be replaced is currently 31 feet high and has an advertising face of 245 square feet.

The City’s sign ordinance standards in a C3-commercial corridor 20 feet tall for the pole and 75 square feet of advertising face.

Local attorney Jim Clevenger representing Country Auto explained that Cadillac and Chevrolet have regulations on their dealers.  The signs are the property of GM and the dealership lease the signs.

The proposed sign is 75.47 square feet in advertising face and 28 feet tall.

Joe Martin said he tried to get the sign as close to the city standards as possible.

The board voted with four in-favor of the variance, Don Ecker, Mark Gidley, Phil Scott, and Alan Selge.  Absent from the meeting was Jim Sherwood.

BZA President Don Ecker said, “This is an excellent effort of compromise.”

At the close of the meeting Phil Scott commented, “This is the fourth meeting in a row that we have considered a sign variance.  Should we look at amending our standards?”

Consultant Bill Neal said he felt the city’s strict ordinance was right.  He noted that as long as there is a board understanding enough to look at individual cases and make determinations on a case by case basis that that is what is best for the city.