Meet Me at the Pole & After the Pole

September 27, 2011

09/28/11 See You at the Pole™ is a student-led, student-initiated movement of prayer that revolves around students praying together on the fourth Wednesday of September, usually before school and usually at the school’s flagpole. It involves students in elementary schools, middle/junior high schools, high schools, and colleges/ universities all over the world.

See You At The Pole” on Wednesday, September 28 is a prayer time has been growing at PHS and around the area.   Some of the local church youth groups have combined the day with a “See You AFTER The Pole” event sponsored by the Marshall County Youth Ministry.

See You After The Pole will be held at 400 North Kingston, across from Oliver Ford.  Every kid from 7th grade to 12 grades from any school or home school is invited to attend.  The event includes: Inflatables, food, band, extreme sport speaker just off tour in New York.

The best part of this event is the cost, ZERO, nothing, free, show up, no tickets, no reservations, just show up and plan on having fun.  Gates open at 6 pm and event ends at 8 pm.

See You after the Pole was organized to rally local youth groups to participate in a joint event for students who want to live out their faith on their local campus.

Youth Groups currently involved and growing include the Plymouth Wesleyan Church , Shiloh Wesleyan Church, Church of the Heartland, New Song Church , Crossroads Evangelical Free Church, Trinity United Methodist, Youth for Christ, and anyone who wishes to participate.