A request to the Plymouth City Council from Hambone LLC to recommend to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission the issuance of a permit to sell alcoholic beverages at 213 East Jefferson Street in Plymouth’s Riverfront Development District was tabled Monday night for more information.

City Attorney Jeff Houin explained the request since no representative of Hambone LLC was present at the meeting.  The property is Mila’s Mini Market and has been for sale.  Grant Holm purchased the building and business in April and formed the LLC to operate the business.  Tiffany Harrel will be the manager of the business and they plan to keep it unchanged for the most part.  Houin said they want to add some additional amenities including the ability to offer alcoholic beverages on their menu. 

The city attorney explained that several years ago the city formed a Riverfront Development District.  State law allows for additional alcoholic beverage permits that can be issued within that development district with a recommendation of the city council. Houin said, “There is a limit to how many alcohol permits can be issued in the county but within that Riverfront District additional permits can be issued for restaurants located within the boundaries.”  He said there is a restriction that no carryout sales of alcohol are permitted.

The city attorney said the city did the same thing for the REES Theatre’s alcohol permit and Tim Harman’s new restaurant. 

Councilman Duane Culp asked to table the request wishing for additional information on the plan before the city council acts.  The rest of the city council agreed to table the request.