Tuesday afternoon, Saint Joseph Health Systems released a letter concerning the negotiations with UnitedHealthcare. 

The letter starts out saying, “Regretfully, UnitedHealthcare has forced Saint Joseph Health System out of its network, effective July 1, 2024, impacting patients with UnitedHealthcare commercial (employer-sponsored), Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans.”

The letter goes on to say, “The outcome is deeply disappointing.” Saint Joseph Health System worked hard for more than 6 months to reach a fair agreement that appropriately covers the true cost of care provided. The letter put out by the regional director of communications stated, “Please know we did everything within our power to protect their access and remain in-network for care and services.”

Saint Joseph Health Systems encourages patients to call UnitedHealthcare or ask their employer to let UnitedHealthcare know how important it is to reinstate their in-network access to Saint Joseph Health System and its providers.

Patients can continue to find the latest updates by visiting sjmed.com/uhc or calling 574-404-8111.