A public hearing was opened for the additional appropriations and Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski told members there were several additional appropriations up for consideration.  

The first is for the Plymouth Fire Dept. in the amount of $607,837 for the new fire truck and equipment.  There is also a $200,000 additional from the Cum Cap Development Fund for the new fire truck.  In the city’s Monetary Gift Fund, $4,706 was appropriated for supplies from donated monies and $1,259 was appropriated to pay performers for the Mayor’s Summer of Music event. In the American Rescue Plan Act, the city council appropriated $867,469 for monies planned in the ARPA projects and not in the 2024 budget.  Also in the American Rescue Plan Act, $381,391 was appropriated for the city’s ambulance and fire truck.  In the TIF Principal and Interest Fund, the council appropriated $137,000 to pay bonds and the final additional was for the Gibson and LaPorte Street Reconstruction project wasn’t in the budget last year or this year to the council appropriated $1,321,195. 

Later in the meeting, the additional appropriation resolution was presented by the clerk-treasurer and Councilman Don Ecker motioned to approve the additionals and Linda Star seconded the motion.  The City Council approved the resolution with a 7-0 vote.