The unemployment rate of the State of Indiana in May stood at 3.7%, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. By comparison, the national unemployment rate for May stands at 4.0%.

In addition, Indiana’s labor force participation rate stands at 62.4% for May, remaining slightly below the national rate of 62.5%. This rate is the percentage of Hoosiers 16 and older who are either working or actively looking for work. Those not in the labor force include, primarily, students, retirees, and other non-working populations, such as individuals unable to work due to a disability or illness, or adults responsible for their family’s childcare needs.

Marshall County’s unemployment rate in May 2024 was 3.9% ranking the county 36th of the 92 counties in Indiana.  In April the county’s rate was 3.4% and in March 4.2%.

Looking at Marshall County’s unemployment rates over the last couple of years you see in 2023 our rate was similar at 3.6% and in 2022 it was 2.1%.  In 2021 the county’s unemployment rate was 3.2% and in 2020, during the COVID pandemic, it was 10.0%.  

Looking at the counties surrounding Marshall you find Starke County ranked 9th this month with an unemployment rate of 4.6%.  Last month their rate was 4.4% and in March it was 5.4%. LaPorte County is right behind on the list of counties at 11th with a rate of 4.4%.  In April they were at 4.1% and in March 5.0%.  Saint Joseph County is 14th on the list of counties with a rate of 4.4%.  In April their rate was 4.0%.  Elkhart County dropped from 17th on the list in April to 29th in May with an unemployment rate of 4.1%.   Elkhart County, Fulton County, and Kosciusko County all are at 4.1% and ranked 29th, 30th, and 31st on the list of Indiana counties.  Pulaski County is 81st on the list of counties with an unemployment rate of 3.3. for May.  Last month they were 70th with a rate of 2.9% and in March their rate was 3.5%.

Howard County stayed at the top of the list of counties with an unemployment rate of 5.7%.  Last month their rate was 6.1%.  Martin County is at the bottom of the list with a rate of 3.1%.

Indiana’s total labor force stands at 3,377,185 – a decrease of 1,679 from the previous month.

Private sector employment in Indiana increased by 3,400 jobs over the last month. In May of 2024, Indiana saw a gain of 36,100 jobs over this time last year in 2023. Indiana’s May private employment stands at 2,850,400.

Industries that experienced job increases in May included:

Trade, Transportation & Utilities (+1,200);

Professional and Business Services (+1,600);

Construction (+700);

Financial Activities (+400); and

Leisure and Hospitality (+300).

As of June 17, 2024, there were 98,693 open job postings throughout the state. As of the week ending on May 25, 2024, Indiana had 19,458 continued unemployment insurance claims filed.

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