Breathe Easy Marshall County Alliance Tobacco Education Coordinator, Annette Haining and Marshall County Youth Tobacco Education and VOICE Coordinator, Jalysa Gibson attended the County Commissioner’s meeting this month and presented their quarterly report. 

The pair explained the importance of education and prevention. They also gave an update on the work they are doing in seven school corporations, from 4th grade through high school. Their education promotes No Vaping, No Smoking, and No Nicotine.  They also expressed the importance of community involvement.

Working with the Marshall County Health Department they are creating a cargo trailer which will simulate a child’s bedroom showing hiding places for parents and grandparents to look for devices or paraphernalia.  The trailer will be a fairs and festivals along with various school events.  It was noted that only adults will be allowed to view the interior of the trailer so they don’t help youngsters learn new hiding places.