During the Public Input portion of the Marshall County Council meeting last week, Union Township Trustee Marleen Mahler addressed the council. 

Mahler said she was before the council in April and spoke publicly on the need for financial assistance for Fire and EMS service in the county.  She said she also spoke privately to Councilman Jesse Bohannon before the election.

Mahler asked if anything had been done with her request. 

Council president Jesse Bohannon said, “We are getting back on to that topic.  Obviously, the last month heading up to the election was extremely busy for everybody but that’s definitely on my list.  Mr. Klotz and I have had conversations about that and it’s definitely something we need to get moving forward on.”  Bohannon went on to thank Mahler for bringing the subject back to their attention. 

The Union Township Trustee said, “So two months and we haven’t done anything yet is what you are saying.”

Councilman Tim Harman said he wanted to remind Mr. Bohannon about their commitment to form a group to look at this situation.  He too said he wanted to get moving on the issue.

Seeming to be a bit irritated with no action in two months Mrs. Mahler stood up from the table and Bohannon said, “As you can see, we’ve had a lot of other very serious topics going on.”

Marleen Hahler commented back, “You have a lot of serious topics but only one is being addressed.” 

The serious topic Bohannon was referring to was the discussion earlier in the meeting about taking actions to stop industrial solar projects and battery energy storage systems from getting approval to be in Marshall County.