County Attorney Jim Clevenger gave his attorney report during the Commissioner’s meeting earlier this month.

Clevenger said Fabcon, the original fabricator of the concrete walls of the Marshall County Jail completed the requested inspection of the jail.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he spoke with John Greer, Maintenance Director for the jail who said he’s waiting on an email that details and identifies the areas on the exterior walls where suspected issues were starting to appear.  The final report isn’t complete, and they are waiting for the estimator to get a cost estimate for the county.

Commissioner Klotz tried to get the inspector to give a rough cost estimate but the only thing he said was it would be much less the initially suspected.  He said they would give the county a couple of options.

The County Attorney revised the resolution establishing Michelle Mieras and the commissioner’s alternate appointment to the BZA if their regular appointment can’t attend a meeting.

County Plan Director Ty Adley will call on this alternate to fill in before the meeting.

During the meeting, Commissioner Stan Klotz said he was asked if there is a maximum number of Plan Commission members who can sit on the BZA.  Neither the County Attorney nor Plan Director had any knowledge and Klotz didn’t have any code number for them to reverence.

The commissioners unanimously approved the resolution appointment of Michelle Mieras as their alternate to the BZA.

The attorney asked about the status of the Memorandum of Understanding with Marshall County HOPE.  County Auditor Angie Birchmier said the State Board of Accounts confirmed that the MOU is the county’s authority to pay that entity. The MOU needs to be with Marshall County HOPE so they will have to get their EIN before the county can pay them.   She said they had yet to complete that.     

The County Commissioners also approved authorizing the County Attorney to opt into the settlement with Kroger Pharmacies for the Opioid Settlement funds.  He said it would be less money because it is a smaller pharmacy.