Voters will see races on the November ballot for many of the school board seats open across Marshall County.  

There are three seats open on the Plymouth Community School Board.  The At-Large seat is currently held by Allison M. Shook.  She is running for a second term and is being challenged by Morris Riddle.  The District 2 seat which is West Township is currently held by Nicole Christy who is not seeking another term.  District 2 candidates are Stephen Holm and Christoper D. Myers.  The Plymouth School Board District 3 seat for the City of Plymouth and currently held by Kurt Christiansen.  Christiansen is seeking a second term, but he has two challengers, Kristiana Flowers and Lisa Huff. 

The Argos Community School Board has two seats open for the fall election, District 4 which is Green Township, and District 5 which is Walnut Township less the Town of Argos.  Each seat only has one candidate on the ballot.  The District 4 seat candidate is Patricia Rensberger who is seeking a second term and the District 5 seat is incumbent Jennifer Hurford.

The Bremen Public School Board has three seats open in the November election, District 1 which is the Town of Bremen, District 2 which is outside the Town of Bremen and District 3 which is At-Large.  District 1 is currently held by Brian Teall and he is seeking another term on the board.  District 2 is held by Suzanne Ginter and she too is seeking another term on the school board.  Alfredo Alvarado is the current District 3 school board member.  He is not seeking reelection, but Mollie Fuchs has filed for that seat along with Creighton Prawat. 

The Culver Community School Board has four seats open for the November ballot, an At-Large seat, the District 1 seat for Aubbeenaubee Township, the District 2 seat for Union Township and the District 5 seat for the Town of Culver.  

The John Glenn School Board has four seats open, Lincoln Township, Johnson Township, Liberty Township and Polk Township.  Three incumbent candidates are seeking reelection, Jared Egger for the Polk Township, Ryan Knowlton for the Johnson Township seat and Christian Mattix for the Liberty Township seat. 

In the Triton School District the school board has two seats up for election, an At-Large seat and the District 3 seat which is Bourbon Township.  Both seats are being sought for reelection.  Kevin Boyer is seeking another term for the At-Large seat and Weston Rensberger is seeking another term for the District 3 seat.

In the Union North United School Board there are three seats up for election in November, an At-Large seat, the North Township seat and the Union Township seat.  Jared McQueen is the current At-Large school board member and is seeking reelection.  McQueen is being challenged by Karman Eash.  The North Twp. seat is held by Thomas Smith who isn’t seeking another term.  Andrew Doyle and Vernelle Lockridge will face-off for the seat in the fall election.  The Union Township seat is currently held by Arden Balmer who is seeking reelection.  He is being challenged by Dawn Amor.