Chris Garner, Executive Director of the Marshall County Neighborhood Center was appointed to the Unsafe Building Committee by the County Commissioners.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer told the commissioners he reached out to a couple of people to get some recommendations for a new member.  The individual is required to be involved in social services in the county.  Chris Garner was recommended. 

Garner replaces Kathy Swank from Older Adult Services who resigned from her position as the social services member of the committee.  Garner’s position on the Unsafe Building Committee takes effect immediately.

The County Commissioners also ratified the acceptance signature for $109,176 in grant funds for Older Adult Services to purchase two new transportation vans.

Commissioner Stan Klotz told the commissioners that AT&T wants to upgrade some of its equipment on the communications tower at the Sheriff’s Department.  He said they plan to conduct a structural survey to make sure the equipment on the tower is fine and then upgrade the antennas on the tower. 

While AT&T has the right, per their lease, to have access to the tower and make these improvements, they wanted to let the county commissioners and Sheriff’s Department staff know in advance. 

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said John Grolich had told him the plan to add something to the tower and Commissioner Overmyer said they pay for each item placed on the tower through their lease with the county. 

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said John Grolich is going to contact AT&T to determine if they are adding equipment or merely upgrading.