A young Plymouth man was taken into custody by the Marshall County Deputies in relation to a vehicular charge. Around 4:45 pm on June 20th, the Deputies initiated a traffic stop on 4th Road near King Road for a moving violation. During the traffic stop, Officers made a discovery. 

            Officers discovered that the driver Phavel Ivan Mendoza, a 20 year old man from Plymouth, was illegally operating the vehicle. Mendoza did not have a valid drivers license. In fact, it was found that Mendoza was operating the vehicle without ever receiving a license. Mr. Mendoza was transported to the Marshall County Jail for the charge above.

            The 20 year old was booked into the County Jail at 5:15. The charge of operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license is a new charge for Mendoza, who received a cash bond of $100. The cash bond was paid, as Mendoza left the County Jail at approximately 8:30 pm the same day.