During this week’s County Commissioner meeting, bids were opened for the second round of Owner-Occupied Housing Rehab Projects.

Brent Martin was on hand representing Shannon McLeod, the grant writer and administrator from Priority Projects.  Martin opened the single bid from Brown & Brown General Contractors from Wakarusa for the four homes in this round. 

Martin explained that the county was awarded just over $500,000 through an IHCDA grant as part of the Regional Stellar designation for Marshall County.  The maximum award per home is $25,000 with the funds being used for low-income households.

Bids were opened and each home’s needs were detailed.  The first home is on Castle Drive in Plymouth. The primary project is to replace the furnace and AC unit and build a closet for the furnace.  The base bid was $24,850.  Other projects for this home are a toilet upgrade for $1,800; flooring for $8,750; facia and soffit for $12,610 and chimney repairs for $2,400. The total was $50,000 but the base bid will most likely use all the funds.

The second project is on Lake Avenue in Plymouth for a roof replacement.  The base bid for the primary project is $23,175.  Additional work includes adding attic insulation for $7,350 and a new concrete floor in an outbuilding for $6,500.  The total is $37,025.  The only project that will be completed is the roof.

The third project is on Sycamore Street in Plymouth for another roof replacement.  The base bid is $21,320.  Additional projects would replace gutters and downspouts for $3,600 and remove a problematic tree for $6,100.  The total cost is $31,020.  Martin said they may be able to get the gutters and downspouts on. 

The final rehab project is on Randolph Street in LaPaz and is a roofing project with facia, soffit, gutters, and downspouts. The base bid was $22,900. An additional project needed at this site is a roof on an attached shed for $6,900.  The total is $29,800 so only the priority project will be completed.    

The bids were accepted for review and will be brought back at next month’s commissioner meeting for final approval.

Martin said Brown & Brown was the contractor on the first round of projects and did a great job.  He also told the commissioners if funds remain for a 3rd round of projects they may need a little assistance from the county.  Martin noted that all this work is being done with no local county money so far.  He told the commissioners they still have 3 or 4 homes on a waiting list for rehab projects and some funds from the county might be able to get them completed too.