Yes, Plymouth, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, and Dunkin Donuts are still planning to open in Plymouth. 

GIANT fm WTCA was able to confirm Wednesday that both franchises are working toward groundbreakings of opening their new businesses. 

The process was slowed for a while so Popeye’s, Dunking Donuts, and Jim Masterson with Masterson & Associates could work out an easement agreement for the access road.  This document was a requirement of the State of Indiana so each business understands they will be responsible for a portion of the maintenance costs on the access road.  Before this, Jim Masterson provided all the maintenance including snow removal because it is a private street.   


The Menser property that sits directly to the north of Culvers was purchased by Boundless Real Estate Holdings LLC in February 2023 for over $400,000.  They will be selling the property to Popeye’s but needed to get the access agreement completed first. This property transaction should happen soon.  GIANT fm WTCA was told they plan to break ground yet this year.

The lot between Masterson & Associates and where Popeye’s will be was purchased in January 2023 for $275,000 by an LLC for Dunkin Donuts.  Shree Narayon LLC will be breaking ground next spring for the new business in Plymouth.  The delay is because the owners are presently building a Dunkin Donuts/Jimmy Johns combo in Logansport.  They also own Dunkin Donuts in LaPorte and Warsaw.