The Marshall County Fiber (MCF) group officially cut the ribbon in the morning of Wednesday, June 19th at the county’s REMC building. The efforts of the group were partnered with the Rochester Telephone Company (RTC), in which the hope of creating a secure fiber network through a fiber loop has become possible. 

While “not all fiber is created equal”, the project is nearly 100% complete in Marshall County. With nearly two thousand current subscribers and one thousand miles of fiber cables now in the county, MCF sees roughly six customers per mile. The two groups have also invested roughly 16 million dollars into rural ar

So what does the future hold? The northeast and northwest areas of the county have not been completely served yet, and homes north of Walmart are still in a competition of providers. MCF is also still getting requests, many of which come from homes near Lincoln Highway.

With Chad Morgan as the project manager, the hope of Marshall County Fiber is to have all houses in the county with access to fiber by this time next year. The local aspect and availability of MCF is what the group uses to set themselves apart from others. 

While at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the crowd had good reviews of fiber, knew people interested in joining, smiled, and laughed. It was a great time and a great day to celebrate the success of Marshall County Fiber.

Article & photos by Ryan Schiestel