Marshall County Health Department Administrator Sandy Dunfee received approval for a pre-pay to purchase washing machines and dryers for school nurses. 

Dunfee told the commissioners, “With the school liaison grant we have decided that we would like to assist all the school nurses in the county by putting a washer and dryer in their nurse office.  As a school nurse year ago myself there are many many times where a child has nothing to wear home or maybe they come to school and it’s dirty and you need to wash it or for various reasons.”  She said having a washer and dryer in the nurse’s office can help a child and save them embarrassment.”

The Health Administrator said they reached out to all the schools in the county asking if the machines would be beneficial and then how many units they needed.  In total 10 sets are being purchased and Dunfee did work with the County Attorney who suggested the Health Department “gift” the machines with the understanding that the school will be responsible for maintenance and ownership of the washing machines and dryers. 

School administrators will be required to sign the documents prior to delivery of the machines that were purchased through Lowes.  The cost of the pre-pay is $14,176.80, a savings of $8,073.20. 

The pre-pay request was approved as presented with the understanding that the schools will own the machines.