David Maddox, School Resource Officer Corporation Safety Coordinator from the Indiana School Resource Association (INSROA) executive board has informed WTCA that Corporal School Resource Officer Bridget Hite with the Plymouth Police Department has been chosen as the Regional Exceptional Service Award recipient for Region 2.

INSROA seeks to acknowledge the accomplishments of a school resource officer (SRO) who exemplifies the qualities of an SRO. This award is to recognize an individual who has gone above and beyond the normal duties of an SRO to enhance their school and community through the SRO philosophy of counselor, teacher, and law enforcement officer.

Corporal Bridget Hite and her family have been invited to join the INSROA on Wednesday, June 26th for an awards luncheon.  This luncheon will take place during the INSROA state conference at the Blue-Chip Casino in Michigan City.