The Marshall County Council gave their support to a request of Commissioner Stan Klotz to upgrade and add additional security cameras in the courthouse and the County Building. 

During Thursday’s meeting County security officer Duane Culp and Dan Sammartano from Hyperwave Consulting discussed the project and the need to make the improvements now. 

Culp said the project is very much needed.  While the security system has 68 cameras, there are several that aren’t working.  He also said with Hyperwave there isn’t a fee for service calls.  The current provider charges to come and investigate the problem and then they charge when they come back to fix the issue.  Those calls typically run about $1,000.

The proposal includes the addition of a few more cameras and 3 cameras cost about $1,000.  It was noted that there is no license fees for the cameras and they are hy-definition and can even zoom in.

Sammartano said the new system will be tied into the dispatch center which isn’t available with the current system.   The system comes with a 3-year manufactures warranty at a cost of $53,751.21.

Council president Jesse Bohannon said, “This sounds like a criminal justice expense.”  His recommendation was to use the Special Lit (local income tax) to pay for the project. 

The council was supportive and will consider it at their July meeting.