Everyone faces stress at different levels throughout their lifetime. The Purdue Farm Stress Team focuses on helping farmers and those in the agriculture industry address the day-to-day stressors of operating an agricultural business.

Join them for the “Harvesting Her Voice: Connecting and Empowering Farm Women” workshop, sponsored by the Purdue Farm Stress Team, to learn more about balancing work and family with guest speaker Kacee Bohle. In this practical workshop, personal development coach, Kacee Bohle provides strategies for bringing more intention into your personal and professional life. Drawing on her 14+ years in agriculture, she shares how to honor your values, set boundaries, and stop sacrificing success in one area for another. Attendees will gain insights on maximizing focus, energy, and time for what matters most. They’ll walk away with an action plan to work smarter, not harder, and be able to show up fully present as their best selves in every role. Raised on a multi-generational farm, Kacee intimately understands the demands of working in the agriculture industry. She now helps ag professionals live and work with greater meaning and purpose through her coaching, speaking, and program AgriMinds.

Along with hearing from Kacee, participants will have the chance to learn more about farm stress from the Purdue Farm Stress Team.  Purdue Succession Planning Team members will help participants discover resources to help their families navigate the hurdles presented to them when developing a succession plan.

Purdue Extension will be hosting the “Harvesting Her Voice: Connecting & Empowering Farm Women” program in Marshall County on July 2nd at 9:30 am.  Join them for the program at Homestead Dairy, followed by lunch and a guest speaker at The Breakroom.  They ask that participants register at https://bit.ly/hhvmarsh or call 574-935-8545. Registration does cost $5 per person and is payable at the door. The program will include a light meal. All paid participants will receive a neat goody bag filled with stuff to help them implement the tools you learn during this workshop.