Harman Restaurants was granted a Commercial Revitalization Rebate Program Grant from the Plymouth Common Council on Monday evening.

Tim Harman applied for a reimbursement to add two decks to his restaurant at 101 South Michigan Street. One deck is on the south side of the building overlooking the Yellow River while the second deck proposed would be on the east side of the building.

Plymouth’s Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski said the total cost for both decks was $162,313.  The Revitalization Grant only allows a maximum rebate of $25,000.  She said Mr. Harman is questioning if he will put both decks on the building but that the river deck is his priority.  The cost of the river deck is $98,221 and the 20% rebate would be $19,644.20

Tim Harman was appreciative of any support for the project as it continues to move forward.  He told the council he really would like to have both decks, but it depends on funds.  Harman said the public has told him the river deck is most important. 

City Council members were concerned about how to approve the award if he wasn’t sure if he was going to do one deck or two. After some discussion, the Plymouth Common Council agreed to pay him the 20% on the river deck but if he decided to do both decks and submit bills for both decks, he would receive the maximum amount allowed at $25,000.

City Councilman Duane Culp motioned to approve the request and it was seconded by Dave Morrow.  The council unanimously approved his rebate request.