School Board candidate filings are slowly coming into the Marshall County Clerk’s Office. 

Candidate filings opened on May 21st and will close at noon next Thursday, June 20th. Candidates must complete petitions and the names of those petitions must be verified as being registered votes within the boundaries of the school corporation they are filing for.  Ten signatures are required to file.  Voters living in the school corporation can vote for all candidates. 

School board seats open for the Argos Community Schools include the District 4 Green Township seat and District 5 the Walnut Township seat.  There are three seats open for the Bremen Public School Board including District 1 the Town of Bremen District II outside the Town of Bremen and District III an At-Large seat.  The Culver Community School Corporation has four seats open on their school board for the November election.  There is an At-Large seat, the District 1 Aubbeenaubee Township seat, District 2 the Union Township seat, and the District 5 seat for the Town of Culver.

Other school corporations that have seats open on their school boards include the John Glenn School Corporation with the Lincoln Township seat, the Liberty Township seat, and the Polk Township seat.  The Plymouth Community School Corporation has three seats open for the election in November, one At-Large seat, the District 2 seat for West Township, and the District 3 seat which is in the City of Plymouth.   The Triton School Corporation has two seats open, an At-Large seat and the District 3 seat which is in Bourbon Township, and the Union North United School Corporation, LaVille schools, three seats are open, an At-Large seat, the North Township seat and the Union Township seat.

Marshall County Voter Registration Election Assistant, Mindy Kielman said she has only received three candidate filings to date. Jennifer Hurford filed for Argos District 5, Suzanne Ginter filed for Bremen District 1 and J.D. Uebler filed for Culver District 5.