The Marshall County Council meets tonight at 6 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  The meeting is open to the public and streamed live on the county’s YouTube page. 

The agenda for the meeting includes the quarterly report of the Marshall County Museum by Director Sandy Garrison and Historical Society President Mike Miley.  Sandy Dunfee, Administrator of the County Health Department is requesting to apply for the PHEP Grant, and County Plan Director Ty Adley is seeking an additional appropriation. 

Marshall County Commissioner Stan Klotz will discuss plans to improve security in the Courthouse and County Building by replacing old cameras and adding some additional cameras.  He will also make a recommendation for wages for the 2025 budget process. 

The County Council will establish a couple of new funds, the Electric Vehicle Fund and the COVID-19 Bridge Program for the Health Department after receiving grant funds.  They also have on their agenda an ordinance amendment for the Salary Ordinance.  There are additional appropriation requests from the Sheriff’s Department, BZA, and Plan Commission, along with appropriating grant funds for the Community Corrections program, Opioid Unrestricted Funds, DARE, Clerk’s IV-D Fund, and American Rescue Plan.  Also on the agenda is a reduction of appropriation for the Drug & Alcohol Program and a request to transfer funds for the Medical Benefits Self-Insurance Program.