Monday night the Plymouth Common Council considered the recommendation of the Plymouth Plan Commission to rezone an 8-acre parcel of land owned by Joris Place LLC also known as Jon and Laura Langfeldt for a transitional housing project being proposed by Garden Court.

The proposed project would be 6 buildings with a total of 36 apartments.  Twenty-eight of the units would be “workforce housing” and 8 would be permanent supportive housing.

During last week’s Plan Commission meeting, neighbors expressed concern for the additional traffic especially during the 9-months that school is in session.  Some neighbors did not like the density allowing so many families in only 4 acres.  The other 4 acres of the parcel were going to be in a plan to add about a dozen single family homes using READI 2.0 funds.  The neighbors were concerned that an additional apartment complex could be added.       

Without much conversation about the rezoning request from an R-2 to an R-4, City councilman Randy Longanecker motioned to deny it.  The motion was seconded by Duane Culp.  Mayor Listenberger asked for a roll call vote with five members, Dave Morrow, Duane Culp, Linda Starr, Shiloh Milner and Longanecker voting to deny and two members, Don Ecker and Kayla Krathwohl voting to affirm the rezoning request.

If the rezoning had passed the property would have needed to be annexed into the city in order to apply for grant funding.  Since it didn’t pass the property owners, Jon and Laura Langfeldt considered pulling their request but since it was on the agenda the council considered it. 

There was a public hearing on the annexation and nine people spoke in favor of the annexation as a residential development and only one person spoke against it. 

Bayless Street neighbor Steve Harper was against the transitional housing project but understands the need and was in favor of the annexation as long as it wasn’t R-4.  He also said he would be willing to serve on a committee to help find a location for the Garden Court Project.    

One lady from Jackson Heights suggested turning the old DelMonte building or McCord property into the transitional housing project. 

During the public hearing Jon Langfeldt asked the city council to table any action on the annexation request until he could “go back to the drawing board.” 

The resolution to support the annexation of the 8-acres was tabled for further consideration.