Marshall County Republican Party Chairman Deb VanDeMark is announcing a caucus to fill a vacancy on the November 5th ballot for Marshall County Circuit Court Judge.

Circuit Court Judge Curt Palmer retired from the bench on May 31st.  His position is currently being filled with the assistance of local attorneys who are serving as judge pro tem.

The current vacancy will be filled with an appointment by the Governor until the end of the year. The caucus on Saturday, June 22nd will be held to fill the November ballot for which the elected candidate will take office on January 1, 2025.

The caucus will be held in the Marshall County Republican Headquarters at 117 Water Street at 9 a.m. on June 22nd.  Republican precinct representatives will vote during the caucus to select a candidate for the November election. 

Any person interested in the Circuit Court Judge position should file a Declaration of Candidacy no later than 72 hours in advance of the meeting with Republican County Chairman Deb VanDeMark.  You may contact her for more information at 574-274-8325.