NIPSCO, a subsidiary of NiSource Inc. (NYSE: NI), today announced the deployment of upgraded gas communication modules through the installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology.

Approximately 870,000 residential and commercial meters are eligible to be updated with the new AMI gas communication modules. Gas meters will be upgraded to AMI technology by installing a communications module onto an existing gas meter set that enables the automated and remote collection and sending of gas metering information. Exchanges are expected to begin around July 2024 and extend through the end of 2026.

“We are continuing to evolve our gas and electric metering systems to help deliver energy safely and reliably, drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience through greater visibility and improved billing processes,” said John Sabotnik, NIPSCO Director of Major Projects.

 There are many benefits to utilizing AMI technology. By having a Gas AMI communications module installed, NIPSCO can provide customers with more frequent and enhanced usage data. Immediate and future benefits to customers include:

• Greater visibility into gas consumption and access to on-demand meter reading

• Enhanced customer service through increased frequency of meter readings

In February 2024, NIPSCO announced the initial deployment of upgraded electric meters for 3,000 residential customers in Highland, Ind. Progress has continued with the electric AMI program, with the mass deployment of 490,000 electric meters to residential and commercial customers commencing in May 2024 and is expected to extend through 2027 across NIPSCO’s service area. This is a key milestone in NIPSCO’s path toward technological advancement and grid modernization.

What can customers expect during the installation process?

Customers will receive a letter notification about the gas module exchange. A service technician will come to your home or business on installation day to change the equipment. The technician will knock on your door to check if you are home, but you do not need to be home for the exchange. A typical AMI module installation takes approximately 15 minutes to install the equipment. Upon completion, the technician will leave a door hanger with information about the exchange and your new module.

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